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Yeshi C. Doma

Tibetan Rugs Producer


Born in a refugee Tibetan settlement in South India, Yeshi was introduced to carpet weaving at a very young age. Forced to flee Tibet after the Chinese invasion in 1959, Yeshi’s mother was in the farming and weaving industries and her father was a businessman. During her time in boarding school in India, Yeshi chose carpet weaving as her social useful project and received excellent grades.

Twenty years ago, Yeshi immigrated to New York which is where she currently lives and runs her business, Tibet Home. Committed to producing the finest handicraft carpets and pillows, Tibet Home’s products are created in Nepal and are made by Tibetan refugees. 

“When I came to the United States my interest in this business grew,” Yeshi explained. “I was interested in Tibetan handicraft because it was my culture and identity. These rugs are made by my people and it’s important to preserve my culture.”  


Tibetan Pride and Female Entrepreneur

As the first Tibetan female in the United States to have her own company manufacturing and distributing Tibetan carpets, Yeshi said she “takes great pride in preserving the ancient art of Tibetan carpet weaving.”

Inspired by the idea of blending traditional and modern ideas, Yeshi also said she enjoys creating versatile carpet designs that satisfy all of her clients’ tastes.

“Combining old ancient weaving with western styles is beautiful and very interesting to me,” she explained. “I’m 100 percent Tibetan – I speak the language and know the traditions but I live in the west. I have a love for carpet-weaving as an ancient, artisan craft and I’m proud of my roots. I’m grateful and passionate about what I do and think what we do with carpets is amazing.”

In a sense Tibet Home’s carpets are extensions of Yeshi in that her traditions are essential to her life and work, but she lives in New York City and understands what’s modern and what’s popular now.


She noted, “I’ve seen what’s going on in Tibet and I’ve spent so much time there. Tibet will be seen and known through these carpets. It’s great to be in this business.”

In addition to her homeland, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is one of Yeshi’s primary motivators.

“Everything about His Holiness inspires me,” she said. “Tibetan tradition and culture – that’s what is important to me.”  

Connecting with The Scarab

When Yeshi immigrated to New York, she initially worked for a rug company before going out on her own in 1998 and she has successfully created a business that bridges the gap between traditional and modern. Because that melding of styles is coveted by The Scarab’s clientele, Yeshi was thrilled to meet owners Jane and Larry about 10 years ago.

“There’s something about them as human beings – we connected,” Yeshi said. “They have a great eye and a love for this business and this kind of product which is what you need to push this forward. We want the same things and got along from the beginning – they very nice people to work with.”  


Three Tibet Home designs The Scarab carries in their store include Chenden, Dupring and Churu.

“I’m so proud as a Tibetan and as a woman to be in a business that is connected so deeply to my history,” she said. “There’s something authentic and original about this whole thing and I’m glad to help keep the culture alive.”


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