Stark Studio Rugs

Haynes Robinson

Vice President of Product Development


Stark Studio Rugs believes that a rug is a reflection of one’s personality and creates “a cornerstone able to express emotions like no other piece in a home.”  As a family-owned company borne out of inspiration and passion that has grown vast manufacturing and design networks, collaborating with Haynes Robinson, VP Product Development executive of Start Carpet Corporation/Stark Studio Rugs, has proven to be a dynamic combination. 


According to Robinson, “rug making is too difficult and too time consuming to be a casual product of commerce. Therefore, design creativity means simply drawing from historical artistic inspirations that help fill a void in the market and then reformatting those inspirations for the present moment.”  To ensure the quality and consistency of the vast line that they carry, Robinson personally travels two or three times a year to all of Stark Studio’s hand woven mills. “It is very important to the Stark family that we maintain an on-the-ground presence to make sure that we are not only making the right product, but that we are making the right product the right way,” Robinson explains.


They work with weaving partners in Nepal, India, and Pakistan creating rugs in a variety of styles, materials, and price points.  The Stark Studio’s fabric division is so versatile Robinson claims there is, “literally no flooring textile the company can’t create, source, and make.” 

Robinson is always collecting and assimilating ideas and images that inspire him.  Designing and weaving rugs is an “ongoing, evolutionary process” expressing concepts in woven form.  Stark Studio Rugs has been an optimal pairing for his creative talent due to their broad range of products, distributors, and weavers, producing the ability to create almost any textile. 



Stark Studio Rugs produces a wide range from traditional to modern pieces, displaying many of their products in their own showrooms before being released for sale, garnering public feedback.  Not only do they offer their signature designs, Stark Studio’s works in custom creations.  All products can be custom ordered and have a delivery estimate of three to six months, depending on the size and quality. 


Larry and the team at The Scarab are thrilled to be working with Robinson as they have been collaborating with him since the 1990s when they were clients of his previous company. 

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