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Founded in 1990 and having been run by three generations of the Ahmadi family, Ariana Rugs Inc. is an award-winning company. Currently managed by siblings Alishah (Alex), Ahmad and Nadia, Ariana Rugs has showrooms in Los Angeles, California and Hamburg, Germany.

Hailing from a family of perfectionists, its no surprise that Ariana Rugs Inc. has not only been recognized by the Afghan Government for their ethical efforts but has also received the Domotex Traditional Design Award, a very prestigious and respected award.


In describing the differences between Ariana Rugs Inc. and other companies, Ahmad explained, "We differ from many of our competitors because for us Ariana Rugs is not only a business but also our passion and more importantly our family legacy. We do not look at rugs as a commodity to be purchased and traded; we look at rugs and treat them as not only art, but as the signature export of Afghanistan. Our vision is to keep this industry alive and thriving in Afghasnistan for future generations."


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