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Your Delight is Our Inspiration

Very interesting and unique. GREAT FUN. Will definitely be back.

- Millie Woody
Smart, informative, knowledgeable, charismatic and down to earth. Collaborating has been easy, stress free and enjoyable

- Kevyan Rahmanan
Cute & funky.

- Linda
They are very honest, follow through with what they have committed to, plus they deliver on time.

- Donna Figg - Austin, TX.
Lots of great stuff – I like seeing real arts & crafts.

- Manship
Love – Love – Love!

- Candy
...but it's their staff and energy that make them just the best!

- Courtney St. John
Working with Larry has been great!

- Kevyan rahmanan
I need to share that I ran in the other week with a decorating emergency - Kirsten and Daniel were able to look up a past purchase and offer suggestions that were helpful, affordable and creative...just what the "Decor Doctor" ordered and huge fun! Kudos.

- Jessica Pode
The Scarab in Minturn is the most awesome store EVER!! I love it so much, I wish I could visit everyday! If I were the king of everything, I would live in a castle and The Scarab would be the official store of that castle and I would come down from my throne and drink tea with the Scarab people any time I wanted and they would supply all of the jewelry I needed to keep the queen happy.

- Michael Wasmer