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Your Delight is Our Inspiration

Wow, I was a bit stunned to happen on a store of this quality in the tiny town of Minturn, Colorado. Filled with high quality merchandise, we bought four future birthday presents!

- Ernie Carwile
All of you at Scarab are a marvel

- Rivers Jardis
Awesome! Cool shop!

- Christina and Grace Kelly
They have a great eye and a love for this business.

- Yeshi Doma
I see a lot of rug stores around the country and The Scarab is definitely top of the scale.

- Jim Webber
The Scarab feels like a hidden treasure trove of wares!

- Yvonne Jacobs
Beautiful shop!

- The New York Ladies, Peggy & Maureen
The Scarab has been our go to fine area rug source for several years! They are almost like having an extra member of the design team! We can send them fabrics and a vague idea of what we want and come up with several wonderful options! Our store, Into the West, is over an hour away but this has not affected The Scarab's fantastic customer service.

- Monique Payne
Thanks for everything…

- Jamie Campbell
Awesome little shop! We very much enjoyed looking through all the treasures.

- Chip Corsim