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Your Delight is Our Inspiration

Great merchandise.

- Pat
Such an amazing shop with fantastic and unique items. The people here are such wonderful people with amazing spirits. A real gem.

- Jennifer Edmondson
A cultural experience, stimulating to the senses.

- Shelly Bohin
Smart, informative, knowledgeable, charismatic and down to earth. Collaborating has been easy, stress free and enjoyable

- Kevyan Rahmanan
So special doing business with Scarab!

- Sally Baldwin
Just love the spirit of the Scarab of Minturn! A bientot.

- Stephanie Caldy
Even now that I am in Austin, I still turn to them as a knowledgable resource. I highly recommend you use The Scarab!

- Donna Figg - Austin, TX.
We want the same things and got along from the beginning, they are very nice people to work with.

- Yeshi
Cute & funky.

- Linda
Super store!

- Pam & Kym Luck