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Your Delight is Our Inspiration

Wow, I was a bit stunned to happen on a store of this quality in the tiny town of Minturn, Colorado. Filled with high quality merchandise, we bought four future birthday presents!

- Ernie Carwile
I love everyone who works at The Scarab! I think it is that general enthusiasm, excitement and honesty…

- Robin Gray
...but it's their staff and energy that make them just the best!

- Courtney St. John
The Scarab has been an incredible resource and time saver for our firm. They will always be part of our team.

- Tracie Schumacher
Thank you so much for the open arms. This store is full of creativity and love.

- Jessica
This is a true artisan source! As an interior designer in the Vail area, I have been BLESSED to have such a wonderful hand made area rug source.

- Elizabeth Basso
Working with Larry has been great!

- Kevyan rahmanan
Thanks for letting me jam on the guitar.

- Maria
Thanks for letting me jam out on the guitar.

- Maria
The owners and employees of The Scarab will go above and beyond to help find the perfect area rug for your project. If they don't have the rug you are looking for, they will find it.

- Elizabeth Basso