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Your Delight is Our Inspiration

What a beautiful space! You guys rock .

- David Nosal
As an interior designer, working with The Scarab has always been a pleasure. They work well as a team & commit to getting the rug done to your satisfaction, following through the project & having the product completed on the time line set from the beginning - whether it be in stock product or custom orders. This requires great organization & communication, and is appreciated by all at the end of the project!

- Dana Hugo
A joy to meet you!

- Lois B.
They bring artistic eyes and terrific insight into the purchasing of area rugs.

- Elizabeth Basso
The rugs really help set the stage from where all the other details spring forth.

- Tracie Schumacher Studio80
Awesome! Cool shop!

- Christina and Grace Kelly
Not only does The Scarab have beautiful, high quality rugs, but a very knowledgeable team who has been there for years and jumps to make things happen very quickly.

- Sarah Carr
Thanks for letting me jam out on the guitar.

- Maria
They provide service of a very high caliber; service that is hard to come by in this day and age!

- Lynne Barton Bier
The Scarab is remarkable to work with!

- Donna Figg - Austin, TX.