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Your Delight is Our Inspiration

The Scarab is remarkable to work with!

- Donna Figg - Austin, TX.
I want to move in and sleep on the rug pile! Congrats on your beautiful store! XO

- Mary Pat
Moira was so helpful in the sights to see in your area, and was very knowledgeable on the artisans work.

- Jane GouldBadger
A great store with a warm welcome! Thanks.

- Sister Peggy
They provide service of a very high caliber; service that is hard to come by in this day and age!

- Lynne Barton Bier
Wonderful store! Thank you :)

- Jessica and Donna Poole
What a beautiful space! You guys rock .

- David Nosal
Beautiful shop!

- The New York Ladies, Peggy & Maureen
Smart, informative, knowledgeable, charismatic and down to earth. Collaborating has been easy, stress free and enjoyable

- Kevyan Rahmanan
Italy loves this store!! L’italia ama questo necozio!!

- Matteo Galvanetti