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Your Delight is Our Inspiration

Great merchandise.

- Pat
thank you for al your help in working this out with our team, you have been a pleasure to work with.

We have a saying at our office, about its not what you do when it goes well its what you do when it does not work out.

- Joyce Wirth
I seriously love working with your company.

- Kathleen McNamara
Love everything!

- Nina
I believe your website helped immensely in the selection process as we were able to narrow down our choices before making selections in the store.

- Ron and Kathy Hankamer
The Scarab feels like a hidden treasure trove of wares!

- Yvonne Jacobs
Not only does The Scarab have beautiful, high quality rugs, but a very knowledgeable team who has been there for years and jumps to make things happen very quickly.

- Sarah Carr
There’s something about them as human beings – we connected.

- Yeshi Doma
We are VERY happy with the rug we purchased from Scarab and we had a great experience dealing with you and your team

- Ron and Kathy Hankamer
Muy bonita tienda. Muy bien gusto. Gracias

- Customer