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Your Delight is Our Inspiration

Thanks for letting me jam out on the guitar.

- Maria
Cool store!

- Customer
Smart, informative, knowledgeable, charismatic and down to earth. Collaborating has been easy, stress free and enjoyable

- Kevyan Rahmanan
What a pleasure to see such a mix of unique merchandise. Great job!

- Nicki Tal
I see a lot of rug stores around the country and The Scarab is definitely top of the scale.

- Jim Webber
Larry & Jane are a pleasure to work with, providing professional opinion and their great sense of style!

- Yvonne Jacobs
Thanks for letting me jam on the guitar.

- Maria
The rugs really help set the stage from where all the other details spring forth.

- Tracie Schumacher Studio80
Wonderful store! Thank you :)

- Jessica and Donna Poole
We appreciate your suggestion that we view selections in our home as that allowed us to select a rug that is perfect for our house.
Thanks again.

- Ron and Kathy Hankamer