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Your Delight is Our Inspiration

We love you so very much. Thank you for your kindness. Your store is wonderful just like the winter. Thanks again.

- Jane
Moira was so helpful in the sights to see in your area, and was very knowledgeable on the artisans work.

- Jane GouldBadger
The Scarab has a tremendous selection and they make the process very easy.

- Donna Figg - Austin, TX.
Lovely things.

- Jordan
Awesome little shop! We very much enjoyed looking through all the treasures.

- Chip Corsim
They have a great eye and a love for this business.

- Yeshi Doma
Wonderful store! Will stop in again & again!

- Ben Steinman
Thank you so much for the open arms. This store is full of creativity and love!

- jessica
They bring artistic eyes and terrific insight into the purchasing of area rugs.

- Elizabeth Basso
Lovely, peaceful, spiritual!

- Guy Allen