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Your Delight is Our Inspiration

The expansive product and design knowledge the Scarab team has makes this a not to miss opportunity for anyone.

- Tracie Schumacher
Wonderful store! Thank you.

- Donna Pole
Italy loves this store!! L’italia ama questo necozio!!

- Matteo Galvanetti
I see a lot of rug stores around the country and The Scarab is definitely top of the scale.

- Jim Webber
Awesome! Cool shop!

- Christina and Grace Kelly
If your looking for rugs and a one of kind experiance look no further.

- Tracie Schumacher
A joy to meet you!

- Lois B.
Loved your store. Great energy & wonderful things.

- Moira M Foxe
Super store!

- Pam & Kym Luck
A cultural experience, stimulating to the senses.

- Shelly Bohin