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The Team

Jane Can Rohr

The Patrona

Visitors return to The Scarab and ask for Jane whose Turkish name “Can”, (pronounced John), is translated as “soul.” Jane is ready with a cup of tea and stories about the artists, their art and her adventures in bringing each piece into the showroom.

Her natural appreciation of textile and color was fed through a cross-continental upbringing and sustained through a love of treasure hunting and travel. She is the inspiration behind the retail experience, the connection to rug makers around the world, co-founder of the business, and the mother of three.


Larry Stone

The Guardian

A connoisseur from the South, Larry’s early love of art in the home spurred a furniture collection that was the envy of his peers. He was drawn to artistry and craftsmanship even before Jane introduced him to hand-dyed rugs from Turkey.

Larry assisted Jane’s early rug purchasing excursions, helping her buy and sell and co-founding the business. Since then, he has broadened the rug product lines, built exclusive relationships with interior designers, and established a solid base of customers in Colorado and beyond. He continues to create vision for the company.

“We are always creating, unfolding the mystic behind what we find beautiful, realizing the notion of finality is obsolete.”


Daniel Garret

Southern Professionalism

A native of Tupelo, MS, Daniel learned the rug business from the ground up, driven by a natural curiosity and a love of history. He is fond of traveling and learning about the historical and cultural significance of antique rugs.

After thirteen years at the Scarab, Daniel knows the details of every rug in our inventory. Daniel is known for walking into a client’s home, evaluating all the aspects of the room that affect the design (lighting, texture, color, etc…) and returning with the perfect piece to compliment the space. 

When not flipping rugs, Daniel enjoys playing blues guitar and riding his dirt bike.  


Danny Perez

The Heavy Lifting

Every client in Colorado will meet Danny Perez, a native Texan who handles high-service installations across the state. Thoughtful and service oriented, in a client’s home, Danny moves furniture, rolls out rugs and will do it again and again to let a client consider multiple options.

Danny also coordinates rug cleaning and repair services, inventories and flips rugs in the showroom and helps coordinate retails displays from floor to ceiling. When not lifting merchandise, you might find him with children Danny and Bella on his lap.


Janie Viehman

The Creative Force

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Janie ended up in Colorado after earning her BA in Photocommunications from St. Edward’s University in Austin. Always the explorer, Janie found The Scarab while visiting the Vail Valley and walked in hoping to sell some of her handmade clothing. She immediately fell in love with the store, its energy, the creativity and the people inside. 

Several months later, Janie became the Website Manager and Photographer for The Scarab which includes creating online content, photographing design projects and products, search engine optimization, online marketing and assisting in the retail part of the store. 


Ali Brunner

Project Manager

A native of Boulder, CO., Ali serves as your personal relationship manager at The Scarab. Ali found her way to the Vail Valley after spending several years traveling through Asia and Australia. Working as a stylist for a top fashion designer in Sydney and experiencing such diverse cultures and places became a huge inspiration for Ali.

Interior design and furniture restoration had always been a hobby of hers although it was not until she worked for Slifer Designs did she realize the delight it is to truly love what you do.

As a project manager, Ali works to maintain all our designer relationships, rug sourcing, scheduling and organizing day-to-day operations. She also supports marketing and promotions for many of the designers we work with.