History & Vision

Worlds Meet On Main Street


The Scarab, in Minturn, Colorado, was founded in 1992 by Jane Rohr, a treasure hunter from Istanbul, and Larry Stone, a connoisseur and collector from the Southern US. Today we bring rugs and one-of-a-kind riches across oceans and into your everyday life.

The Scarab is more than a retail store. It is a gathering place for kindred spirits to reconnect and a shopping experience that puts people in touch with things that matter. It is a long-time favorite of the interior design community, as well as savvy homeowners and friends who return again and again.

Each piece has a story

Wander through our showroom to discover handcrafted merchandise that expresses your individuality and adds a touchstone of meaning. Our collection of furniture, home and personal accessories are vintage collectibles or authentic pieces handmade by artisans. We look for items that have a purpose, as well as those that are repurposed and up-cycled.

A rug for every home

Rugs are a lasting investment, passed from one generation to the next. We offer more than a thousand beautiful hand-made oriental rugs and kilims from around the world. Our suppliers follow Good Weave practices and our prices are based on fair trade, ensuring we sustain the chain from weaver to consumer.

Work with our design team to find the perfect rug, a backdrop to life’s unfolding. Whether updating a room or working from preliminary blueprints, budgets and fabrics, we leave no stone unturned in finding the piece that fits your needs. Our team of experts will work with you on the phone, online or in your home.

You can make your purchase with confidence after you’ve experienced the rug in your own home; our terms are on-approval. We also deliver and install, provide cleaning and restoration, appraisals, consignment and storage.

Creativity Connects Us

An artist’s inspiration flows from heart to hands and into the very fabric of our lives. Placed in our home, these unique souvenirs reflect the human spirit, and a shared sense of purpose that enriches each moment. We are all intuitive creators, inspired and inspiring. As we manifest, we share in the spirit that guides us all.

Visit us today to create your own myth and a meaningful landscape for living.


"A visit to the Scarab is like a free day at an exquisitely curated folk art museum...the collection is rare, precious and sublime, the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and resourceful. Whether I need that special gift or perfect accent, I always know a treat awaits."
- Sarah D.