Zach Beatty

Bar Z Guitars

Originally from Denver, Zach moved to Alaska to work the rigs. He graduated a semester early from high school and flew to Alaska to work on the rigs, which were located 250 miles inside the Arctic Circle. In an effort to find a hobby that would keep him busy on the rig, Zach played the guitar frequently and eventually found himself sitting in with the nightclub band scene after moving to Anchorage permanently.


Remembering how guitars became such a part of his life, Zach explains, “I sat in with a few different bands and enjoyed participating in the rock and roll lifestyle. I always wanted to be in a band but couldn't break away from the rig. Then, once I started having kids, it was over dude!”


One day he decided to buy a cheap guitar at a pawnshop, broke it apart with a chisel and hammer then put it back together. “That was the start,” he recalled. “It spurred something in me - a desire to create these guitars. Working from the ground up, I always have a story in mind about each guitar and that sees me through the whole process.”


Now, Zach creates a variety of guitars fashioned to look vintage. He builds the whole thing from the ground up and then decides what type of distressing to do in order to complete the piece. The Scarab is the only place that currently has his beautiful creations available! These guitars are truly unique and a treasure to own or play.


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