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Ornamental Things

Natalie Tischler began her company of inspired creations back in 2004. With a plethora of 'normal' day-to-day jobs under her belt as well as a newly acquired college degree, Natalie decided to follow the dream of owning her own business. Although she had considered owning and operating a multitude of business's, Natalie decided to try and sell the jewelry that she had been crafting for the past twelve years.


Natalie's jewels are truly an expression of creativiy, individuality, and imagination. Some of the powerful women that became muses for her work were Dolly Parton, Georgia O'Keeffe, Gloria Steinem and Stevie Nicks. According to Natalie, "Each of these women has a boldness, imagination and a sense of adventure that you find expressed in their works".


Three times a year, Natalie will design a new line for her collection. According to her, "the hardest part is editing myself down so that I do not put out every idea that I have in my mind. I might design thirty new pieces but only fifteen of them will make the final cut".


Despite the hurdles of running one's own company, Natalie finds joy and peace in the simple moments. Payroll, cost management, time management, etc are time consuming and difficult yet Natalie reminds herself, "I feel lucky to get to do what I love for a living. That is what gets me through the hardest moments". At The Scarab, we hold a great appreciation for people who create out of joy and find that this happiness is reflected in the pieces created.


Photography © Janie Viehman


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