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4e387fdb7e98d2e67e55f7fa88628451_f986.jpgBy living the life of a “Gypset” – a gypsy + jetsetter – flight attendant and jewelry designer Jennifer Crum has immersed herself in travel and all the inspirational experiences that come with exploring new cultures and landscapes.

Based in London Heathrow as a flight attendant for the last two decades, Jennifer has traveled the world. These days she spends her time with family and friends in Hawaii, Vail, Norway, and drops into London for work. 

Although this lifestyle can be a bit chaotic, Jennifer says her job has given her “the opportunity to travel the world outside of work.” As a result, over the years she has journeyed to many corners of the world and says that these adventures have helped shape her business, Gypset Jewelry. 


“My personal favorite travels are Africa, India and those places of roads less traveled. I try to reflect on the culture and environmental elements I have experienced and learned about and integrate them into my designs,” she says. “I use colorful stones that reflect the brilliance of nature around me.  In 2002, a trip to Kenya provided an inspiring encounter with a Maasai family of women and children who were herding their goats out in the vast openness while adorned in their effortless, yet elegant colorful tribal jewelry. Amazing beauty.”

Other inspirations include the Northern Lights of Norway known as Aurora Borealis. 

“The dancing lights and their brilliance of greens, blues, yellows, reds, is a spectacular light show by ‘Mother Nature.’ The magical sky is like a kaleidoscope of Opals, Emeralds, Sapphires, Kyanites, Rubies and Citrine,” she adds. 

Though Jennifer’s creativeness has and continues to come from her travels and the beauty she experiences while exploring, her business grew from her own desire for jewelry that fit her character.  


“I found myself wanting a unique piece of jewelry that suited my personality and lifestyle and was so interesting that I could personalize it to my wardrobe,” she explains. “I have been designing pieces for myself since 2011. I evolved from just myself to my sisters, family and new friends I came in contact with who would compliment my jewelry and then would want to purchase it from me. So Gypset Jewelry by Jen Crum (Gypsy+Jettsetter) was born.” 

Throughout her years of traveling and even before she began designing jewelry, Jennifer collected treasures and stones – some were new finds, some simply unique, some re-purposed. 

“Wherever I am I try to procure stones that express the colorful lives of the people and places I visit,” she explains. 


And that was true of the Vail Valley as well when she came across The Scarab in 2005 while out searching for inspiration and unique home decor.

“I walked in and fell in love with everything from those roads less traveled,” Jennifer remembers. “I felt like I was on an exotic trip in a faraway land and still when I go in I feel like I'm exploring a new journey.”

Jennifer’s unique variety of colorful earrings and necklaces can currently be found at The Scarab.


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