Amy Vickers

Del Jardin Natural Lotions

Born and raised in Texas, Amy Vickers is the quintessential cowgirl who spends most of her time working outside on a ranch in Cherokee where she has lived with her husband Bob for six years. As caretakers, Amy and Bob raise beef cattle and Boer goats and oversee performance Quarter Horses. 

“By trade I am an Equine Reproduction Technician, which in laymen’s terms is an OBGYN for horses,” Amy explains. “I love the geriatrics department of my brood mares, raising the babies through kindergarten, and then sending them off to school at the trainers and seeing that everyone is happy and healthy. I speak fluent horse and I love my job here on the ranch.”


In addition to working with horses, Amy runs a business called Del Jardin which carries “natural products for your health, beauty and peace of mind.”  As someone who spends a great deal of time in the sun and wind, Amy understands the importance of protecting and healing the skin – especially the areas that a cowboy hat doesn’t cover. She grows the herbs she uses in her products and wildcrafts some as well, which means she gathers herbs, plants and fungi from the wild.  

“I love wildcrafting the regional wild herbs, mullein, yarrow, yucca, black walnut, water cress and so much more,” says Amy. “I think that it is important to learn to use what is available.”

Del Jardin, which means “from the garden” in Spanish, emerged about 10 years ago when Amy’s longtime friend was moving to Mexico and asked if she was interested in the business. While Amy gives her friend complete credit for the popular Rich Herbal Cream product (the recipe has been the same for 35 years), Amy has used what she was taught to grow her own successful business in Texas.


“My passion is herbal apothecary,” she explains. “As a result of working mostly outside, the brutal Texas sun, relentless wind and drier climate has taken a toll on my 55-year-old skin.  I have always been sensitive to over-the-counter products, so since I can remember I have made my own.” 

She continues, “What sets me apart is the Comfrey I grow; I love that plant because it is so healing and wonderful. I handpick and make my own infusion with the best oils that are beneficial for not only humans, but for animals as well.  It is the basis for most of what I make and is very unique to my business.”

Del Jardin products are available at several spas and boutiques in Texas but in Colorado they can exclusively be found at The Scarab. The company carries creams, cleansers, soaps, salt scrubs, oils and masks and, with the help of Amy’s daughter and licensed esthetician Hannah Liesmann, a new facial moisturizer called Golden will debut in February/March 2015.



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