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Lynne Barton-Bier

Home On The Range Interiors

Steamboat Springs, CO

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Lynne Barton-Bier is the principal/lead designer at Home On The Range Interiors located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Lynne not only works as an interior designer for her own firm, she also ran two home furnishing stores in Steamboat Springs throughout the years– The Front Page and Barton’s of Steamboat.  Since 1988, when Lynne and her husband Joe first purchased the small gift store, The Front Page, Lynne has been demonstrating a keen eye for timelessly unique interior design as she continually expanded her services, products and clientele base. Although The Front Page and Barton's of Steamboat are no longer open, Home On The Range Interiors is continuing to grow. 

Growing up with a father who had a passion for distinctive treasures, Lynne became accustomed to antique store shopping, gallery visits and travel. Lynne’s father collected everything from Oriental rugs to Alaskan art, opening Lynne’s eyes to the beauty of handcrafted pieces. 

Lynne lived in Paris for two years in the 1970’s and then spent several months living and working in the Middle East as a translator. She spent time exploring London flea markets as well as souks and medinas from Marrakesh to Cairo to Damascus.  Not only does Lynne value traveling to find special pieces and inspiration, she also has a great appreciation for the process and story behind how pieces are made. She has spent time at lace and faience factories, watching Moroccan rug weavers, observing glass blowing in Italy and learning how stone and wood chunks can come to life through hand carving techniques in Bali.

Lynne’s passion for finding unusual, quality pieces and her desire to travel, see the world, and gain new perspectives has given her a great sense of design allowing her to give clients a harmonious, unique and timeless look. 


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