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Kellye O'Kelly

Slifer Designs

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Slifer_logo.jpgKellye received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design in 2004 from the University of Texas at Austin. After graduation she moved to Vail, Colorado where she began working for Slifer Designs as a design associate. Some days Kellye still can't believe she was able to pursue her design career dream in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. As a child she spent many summers coming to Colorado to escape the Texas heat and always dreamed of moving here one day. After seven years in the Vail Valley, her love for the mountains is now shared with her husband, son and two dogs.

Kellye's passion for design was kindled as a young child while going on home tours with her mom in Texas. She can remember being the youngest person on the tours and always having a strong opinion on which home was her favorite. It apparently was obvious to her family and friends that she was a "natural" and needed to pursue a career in interior design!

Kellye's personal design aesthetic is a preference towards natural raw materials combined with simple clean lines. She tends to lean more towards a soothing monochromatic color palette, with interest created with textures and an unexpected pop of color. However, she believes a great designer is one that listens to their client’s vision and guides them to create the perfect space. She has worked on many different styles of projects in the Vail Valley, Florida, Hawaii, California and Martha’s Vineyard. Some of the projects she has worked on in the past have been published in Luxe and Mountain Living Magazine.


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