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Katy Allen

Katy Allen Interior Design 

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Growing up in a family of real estate brokers, Katy Allen developed a passion and appreciation for design at a very young age. With the Vail Valley as her childhood home, Katy was exposed to a wide variety of design and architectural styles. She quickly realized the beautiful stories that unfold with each different persons design aesthetic. 

With her passion for design and style continuing to flourish, Katy received a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design before moving back home to the Vail Valley. With a great love for outdoor life, Katy finds that a relaxed and authentic approach to design allow for real spaces that are both functional and reflective of one’s personal style.

In 2002, Katy founded Katy Allen Interior Design. Katy works to design homes that tell a unique story of the homeowner and their passions. Katy’s design philosophy centers on authentic and eclectic spaces that are mindful of texture and scale. 


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