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Frances Karsh

Slifer Designs

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Slifer_logo.jpgPrior to joining Slifer Designs in 2006, Fran worked as a designer in Southern California for a number of years. She graduated from the Design Institute of San Diego and spent two years as a kitchen and bath designer, followed by another two working at a residential firm focusing on fixed finishes and interior architecture.  She is proud to recently have received her NCIDQ certification.

As a Colorado native Fran is happy to be back home. She has lived all over the United States, spent a year in Berlin, Germany and feels lucky to have had the opportunity to travel extensively and experience a wide range of cultures and communities.  Fran is always able to find inspiration from these experiences, which have helped define her aesthetic and design sensibility.

Fran's approach to design is to think functionally and design timelessly. She loves all aspects of design, but enjoys most the projects in which she is involved from start to completion. She believes the most inspired and best executed projects are those in which the designer is able to be involved in the initial space planning and selection of the fixed finishes, as well as ultimately furnishing the space.


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