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Elisabeth Reed

Reed Design Group 

Elisabeth Reed of Reed Design Group has extensive experience working with the differing levels within the home design process. Having worked for a full-service design and build firm based in Eagle, Colorado for eight years, Reed a Vail intrior designer, fully comprehends these levels of collaboration and communication that must occur between architect, interior designers, contractor and client. 


A Colorado native who appreciates travel, painting, music and the outdoors, Reed received her Bachelor of Science in Design Studies from the University of Colorado’s School of Architecture and Planning. She also has a Bachelor of Violin Performance from CU’s School of Music.

As an Associate Member of the American Society of Interior Designers, Reed owns her own design firm, Reed Design Group, based in Vail, Colorado. Reed has the innate ability to understand spatial planning and incorporate that knowledge into an artfully-designed space, allowing her work to find great success along with client satisfaction. 


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