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Dallas Lyon

Lyon Design Group

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Originally from Virginia, Dallas Lyon, owner of the Lyon Design Group, initially traveled to Vail to visit friends for two weeks and never left. That was in 1990. Now a longtime local, Dallas is known for her ability to bring a fresh perspective to each project in an organized and strategic way.  She discovered the interior design business when she noticed that there was a niche in the Vail Valley for interior designers and new construction. She fell in love with the industry and decided to go back to school at Colorado State University where she earned her degree in Interior Design with an emphasis on Construction Management and Architecture.


After over two decades in the business, Dallas has learned that everything changes and repeats itself in both the design world and in life. When she first began her career, she remembers that everything was mountain rustic which meant plaids, plaids, and more plaids. She also recalls mountain animal themes including moose, deer, and bear motifs. Over time the mountain modern theme took over, but Dallas remained cautious because even though it was very trendy and fun, she has always preferred to keep her designs classic and timeless. Dallas describes her style as Organic Mixology which means taking several aspects of design and style and blending them together in an eclectic mix. That way, when the trends change, the design elements of her interiors remain timeless. By using clever accents and color, Dallas believes that anything can transition with the times.


In addition to the unique motifs she encounters as a result of working in a mountain resort area, Dallas also meets and works with clients who have multiple residences all over the country. Designing homes outside of Colorado has opened up opportunities for her to collaborate with a variety of people who have a wide range of styles which has expanded her already extensive creativity and knowledge. She says she enjoys the challenge of creating something different and new and is not afraid to live outside of the box. When it comes to ensuring that her clients get exactly what they are looking for, Dallas says communication is key and that she is very thorough regarding their needs. In an effort to incorporate all of the aspects required in making each home exceptional and exciting, Dallas spends a great deal of time getting to know each client personally as well as professionally.


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