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Chris Stevens

Design Project, Inc.

Glenwood Springs, Co

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Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Chris received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Colorado State University. With a minor in construction management, Chris is well-equipped to handle all aspects of design jobs both large and small.


Chris inherited her passion for the mountains, which compelled her to move to and begin her career in Aspen, Colorado in 1976, from her great-grandparents who were residents of the area in the late 1800s. Her first experience with interior design was with Bethune and Moore, Aspen’s premier furniture and interior design establishment, and she was associated with this prestigious company for ten years. During that time, Aspen was just beginning to be recognized internationally as both a destination resort and a coveted area for clients with selective tastes.

After the founders of Bethune and Moore retired, Chris formed an interior design partnership called Fall Line. It was during this five-year period that Snowmass Village was coming into its own with large homes being built on speculation and luxury condominiums sprouting from its slopes. Eventually Chris’ entrepreneurial spirit drove her to form her own company, Design Project, Inc., for which she has been owner/president for 28 years. Through her experience with designing both primary and second homes, she has discovered that it is “extremely important for the interior of a home to reflect and be consistent with the architecture of the house.”

Although over the last 20 years most of her clients’ residences in Aspen and Vail have been primary homes, she enjoys designing both primary and secondary homes. Because the mountain lifestyle tends to be more casual, yet equally as elegant, Chris explains that “the design process has an opportunity to be different in the second home. There seems to be more of an opportunity to be bolder and more creative and to go out of the box.”

When asked about the most exciting new product or development in her field, Chris discusses the use and availability of sustainable and green products. She especially likes “beautiful, quality fabrics from high-end manufactures that are extremely durable with high double rub numbers, and are color fast (non-fading) and cleanable/washable.” Additionally, Chris describes the innovations in lighting as “unbelievable, constantly changing, and improving” which is allowing designers to be even more creative.

Emphasizing the importance of investing in quality rugs, and in quality in all aspects of interior furnishings, Chris believes that “the distinction between good and great can be the difference between being competent and superior, talented and extraordinary.” 


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